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Chobe River, Botswana Photo Gallery

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African Elephants playing in the Chobe River; African Jacana chick walking on reeds; African Darter drying its wings; Egyptian Goose; Hippopotamus; Longtoed Lapwing

Reed Cormorant; Spurwinged Goose; Water Thick-Knee; Water Monitor; Whitecrowned Lapwing; Brownhooded Kingfisher;

African Elephant dust bathing; African Buffalo; African Fish Eagle; Helmeted Guineafowls drinking from Chobe River, adult and immatures; Giant Kingfisher; Baby and Adult Hippopotamus;

Nile Crocodile; Baby Chacma Baboon grooming Adult; Water Monitor; Herd of African Buffalo drinking at Chobe River; Adult African Elephant rolling over in Chobe River; Spurwinged Goose;

African Elephants;


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